Lacombe Heritage

Air View of Bayou Lacombe

Lacombe Heritage

Bayou Lacombe is one of the many waterways in Louisiana designated to a scenic river. It starts up near Talisheek and is an ancient distributary of the Pearl River Basin.

Lacombe Statistics and Facts

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 70445

The population of Lacombe is approximately 7,518 (2000 census)
The approximate number of families is 2637 (1990 census)
The amount of land area in Lacombe is 77.314 sq. kilometers
Lacombe to Washington DC is 958 miles
The distance to the Louisiana state capital is 72 miles
(as the crow files, politically it is much more distant)
Lacombe is positioned 30.30 degrees north of the equator and 89.92 degrees west of the prime meridian

The city tree is the Live Oak (PIC)
The city bird is the Eastern Bluebird (PIC)
The Lacombe city color is Multicolor