Spanish Influence

Spanish Influence


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{This section is still under construction and will include acts and facts of pertinent historical information on the Spanish exploration, exploitation, and extermination of the indigenous population of the Western Hemisphere from 1492 to 1898.}


        Although the Islamic Moors, who overran all of North Africa and most of Spain, had competently ruled their conquered territories for 900 hundred years, allowing Muslims, Christians and Jews to live side by side and worship amicably in their respective faiths,  the consolidation of the forces of Castile and Leon under the Inquisition rule of their Most Catholic Majesties, Ferdinand and Isabella, were strong enough by 1492 to drive the Muslims and those 200,000 Jews who refused to convert to Roman Catholic, out of Spain, or out of their minds by the loss of their heads–a powerful conversion tool.


After seven years of unsuccessful appeals to the rulers of Portugal, England and Spain, the Genoese, Cristdoforo Colombo was finally granted three Spanish ships in which to sail west to reach the Indies in his undies.

When Columbus reached the “New World,” Haiti had a population of over a million native inhabitants.  He wrote to his royal sponsors that they would make good slaves.  Just twenty years later, only one thousand remained alive.  The others were provided one-way tickets by the Spanish to savage heaven. Columbus called them “gentes en Dios,” another reason the natives were call Indians.
Attacked by presa canarios