State of Louisiana

State of Louisiana


State Motto: Union Justice and Confidence

State American Folk Dance: Square Dance, adopted 1999

State Amphibian: Green Tree Frog, adopted 1993

State Bird: Brown Pelican, adopted 1966

State Colors: Gold, White and Blue, adopted 1972

State Crustacean: Crawfish, adopted 1983

State Day: Louisiana Day, April 30, adopted 1954

State Dog: Catahoula Leopard Dog, often called the Catahoula Hound, adopted 1979

State Doughnut: Beignet (ben-yay), adopted 1986

State Drink: Milk, adopted 1983

State Environmental Song: “Gifts of the Earth” by Frances LeBeau of East Carroll Parish, adopted 1990

State Flower: Magnolia Blossom, adopted 1900

State Fossil: Petrified Palmwood, adopted 1976

State Fruit: Strawberry, adopted 1908 and 2001

State Gemstone: Agate, adopted 1976

State Insect: Honeybee, adopted 1977

State Mammal: Black Bear, adopted 1992

State March Song: “Louisiana My Home,” by Sammie McKenzie, Lou Lavoy and Castro Carazo, adopted 1952

State Musical Instrument: Diatonic Accordion, adopted 1990

State Painting: “Louisiana” by Johnny O. Bell and Johnny F. Bell, adopted 1995

State Reptile: Alligator, adopted 1983

State Saltwater Fish: Spotted Sea Trout, adopted 2001

State Song: “Give Me Louisiana” by Doralice Fontane
“You Are My Sunshine” by Jimmie H. Davis and Charles Mitchell, adopted 1970 and 1977

State Tree: Bald Cypress, adopted 1963

State Wildflower: Louisiana Iris, adopted 1990

State Capital: Baton Rouge

State Flag

Louisiana Facts and Links

Size: The 31st largest state, 51,843 total square miles

Population: 4,219,723 (as of July 1, 1994)

Statehood: the 18th State. Admitted Apr. 30, 1812

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