Confederate History

Confederate History


As with other pages of this site, the history of the Confederacy is a complex and defining chapter in American history and will be treated in much more detail as we progress.  I hope ya’ll will please bear with us.  Thank you.
Loyalists vs. Patriots

The first American civil war, when neighbor fought neighbor and brothers killed brothers, was the American Revolutionary War.  Particularly in the South, Patriots–those who were in rebellion against Great Britian–burned the plantations and ravaged the land of their neighbor Loyalists–Tories–those loyal to Britain and King George III. Indian tribes of the South and East usually fought on the side of the loyal colonists of Great Britain against the rebellious Americans, because they knew of the American lust for more and more new lands beyond the Allegheny mountains.

The bad blood lasted for decades and became the precursor the great War Between the States, or the War for Southern Independence–the Noble Cause, as it was known in the  South.  It was a national genocide, which  took the lives of 630,000 Americans in a five year bloody conflict that left the South exhausted, devastated, and bitter.   In the North it was known as the War of Southern Rebellion, the American Civil War, which gave the northern radicals control of Congress and the economy.

Reasons for the war varied by region and race.

Several attempts at compromise between the two regions of the country: the industrial North and the agricultural South, were made.
The Compromise of 1820,  the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 merely postponed the split, intensified the divisions, and, along with judicial and congressional decisions, made the impending schism seem inevitable.  Although many on both sides claimed other reasons, the underlying cause of the Civil War was ultimately and finally that odious institution slavery.
Slavery in one form or another has been the scourge of humankind since before biblical times, in every culture, on every continent, in every era: Suzerains, Jews, Romans, Egyptians, Celts, Arabs, Negroes, Orientals, Maya, Aztec.  To many it was sensible, justified and even desirable.  Conquest and slave based economies made great  empires.

Slavery vs. State’s Rights.
In the American South the concept was as elemental as Jeffersonian Democracy vs. Federalism


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